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  • Design and marketing experts
    We’re an enthusiastic independent, London-based graphic design and branding studio with clients ranging from tiny start-ups to globe-spanning behemoths.

    Proven competence
    We’ve honed our expertise over many years, delivering a diverse set of projects across a variety of sectors. Our experience and competence mean we can offer complete marketing design, identity and branding solutions.

  • Appropriate creativity
    We never lose sight of the functional purpose of creative design: getting your message across to your target audience.

  • Approach
  • Found has developed a simple process to help its clients define their unique brand identity called Discover, Develop and Deliver.

  • Discover:
    The foundation of the whole process, ‘Discover’ literally uncovers our clients’ unique DNA or ‘soul’. We explore key areas such as their values, vision and beliefs, what differentiates their products and services in the eyes of their target markets and customers and what attracts employees to join them. We ask, what is your brand story and how do you make emotional connections with customers, employees and suppliers?

    If Discover is about understanding our clients’ business at a granular level, Develop is about the brief and finding the ‘visual tone of voice’ of the business, translating our findings into something tangible. The outcomes of this stage will be a new ‘visual toolkit’ and typically a refreshed identity, typography or key pages for a website

    This stage is about rolling out our new visual toolkit across multiple platforms or applications, be it print, web, letterheads, business cards, packaging, etc. as specified by the client.

    If you need some professional help with your branding, please get in touch. We offer a free initial consultation to help us to understand your requirements and establish if there is a good ‘fit’ between us. Email studio@founddesign.co.uk 


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  • Marketing collateral
    Corporate literature
    Signage and navigation
    Event graphics and stands

    Branding and identity
    Brand design
    Brand implementation
    Visual identity
    Design strategy

    Digital marketing
    User experience
    Website design and development

  • Information design
    Data visualisation
    Research design

    Marketing support
    Print consultancy and management
    Project management

    Book design
    Magazine design

  • Founder
  • Paul Spencer
    Founder, Director and Designer Paul Spencer is a London-based typographic designer who, after several years designing an influential typographic magazine, established his own successful independent design practice.

    In 1998 Paul joined hdr design, where he worked as a senior designer on the influential baseline magazine. While with hdr, Paul also gained significant book design experience, particularly for Phaidon Press and Merrell, both important UK publishers.

  • Paul went freelance in 2005, working with Mike Daines on design projects in the financial sector, notably for Citigroup and RBS. Since forming Found in 2007, Paul’s clients have included the London Business School and Vanguard Investments, where his crisp, modernist typographic style has led to a steadily growing reputation.

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